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Don’t Become a Product of Your Environment

a-very-angry-womanThere are two kinds of people on earth. Those who will encourage you and those who drown and suffocate you. The world is filled with people who will tell you all the reasons why you can’t do something. This is why cleaning up your relationship list from time to time is a necessity. Notice I called it a relationship list opposed to a friends list. Relationships happen all around us. Someone you see every morning like a deli clerk  or gas attendant fall into this category. They may not be your friends but you do have a relationship with them.


Some people in your circle serve no purpose in your life, all they do is create negative energy . They complain, criticize and they discourage you by convincing you that life is miserable. They tell you that you can’t dream or start a business or travel and so on.


The Key to getting out of this rut may be the law of attraction and the nature of energy. Let me explain, if you put two beach balls in a pool, eventually they will end up together. That translates to us as well. If you are next to someone who is angry, this will affect you. If you are always surrounded by sad people, there is very high probability that you’ll become a sad person and so on. I am not talking about rejecting people or hating sad people, it is about knowing when you have done your best to help the situation and then moving on.


There will be few people who will decide to encourage you, those whom will push you to do what it is that you want to accomplish. These are the people you should surround yourself with. These people can be parents, friends, teachers and most importantly your partner. When someone tells you that you can do something, this person builds up your self-confidence and you will find the energy that God has given you to follow your heart. We have been given life to experiment and play with. Make it count!

3If you find it impossible to remove all the negativity  around you and you feel that you are becoming a product of an environment that you don’t like. Make like a tree and leave….. for greener pastures! Remember, YOU choose who is in your circle and where the circle is, choose wisely.


Eat Well & Happy Travels!


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  1. Marge Torth says:

    We got tired of the rules and regulations in Canada and moved to Uruguay. Best decision yet.

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