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  • 2020洛陽三模英語試題及參考答案

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    1. 答卷前,考生務必將自己的姓名、考號等填寫在答題卡和試卷指定位置上。

    2. 回答選擇題時,選出每小題答案后,用鉛筆將答題卡上對應題目的答案標號涂黑。


    3. 考試結束后,將本試卷和答題卡一并交回。





    1. When is the show to start?

    A. At 7: 10. B. At 7: 20. C. At 7: 30.

    2. Why does the man have to miss the movie tonight?

    A. He’s seen the movie. B. He’s to recite the lines. C. He’s to do his task.

    3. What club is the man in?

    A. A story-telling club.

    B. A wildlife protection club.

    C. An after-school interest club.

    4. Where are the speakers most probably?

    A. At a shop. B. At a restaurant. C. In the dormitory.

    5. How is the price of petrol?

    A. It’s lower. B. It’s higher. C. It remains the same.




    6. What does the man like doing?

    A. Watching football games.

    B. Playing in the open air.

    C. Playing football with his friends.

    7. What does the woman advise the man to do?

    A. Lose some weight.  B. Learn from his father. C. Stop watching TV series.


    8. What are they mainly talking about?

    A. An interview plan. B. An application letter. C. An education company.

    9. What does the man think should be included?

    A. Education. B. Family. C. Childhood.


    10. Where does the woman see the movie Kong Fu Yoga?

    A. At the cinema. B. In her uncle’s. C. In her son’s.

    11. What does the boy like according to the woman?

    A. Science fictions. B. Chinese Kongfu.       C. American culture

    12. How does man like Jackie Chan?

    A. He's great. B. He’s handsome. C. He's humorous.


    13. When did the woman use to get up?

    A. At 6: 30. B. At 7: 00. C. At 7: 30

    14. What do the speakers have in the morning?

    A. Porridge. B. Hamburgers. C. Coffee.

    15. How much did the woman pay for the machine?

    A. $300. B. $350. C. $450.

    16. What is the woman most probably?

    A. A writer. B. A teacher. C. A saleswoman.


    17. What does tlir speaker do with a missed flight?

    A. She gets extremely worried.

    B. She talks with the agent about it.

    C. She does something to make up for it.

    18. How should we face failed expectations?

    A. Angrily. B. Casually. C. Positively.

    19. What can we do in a traffic jam?

    A. Get relaxed. B. Take a walk. C. Change the vehicle.

    20. How many pieces of advice does the speaker give?

    A. Three. B. Four. C. Five.





    Services covered by Healthy Smiles Ontario

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    Getting registered

    Who is eligible (符合條件)

    Children and youth 17 and under may be eligible if:

    They are residents (居民)of Ontario; and they are members of a household that meets the income eligibility requirements.

    How long is a client (當事人)eligible for service

    Up to one benefit year (August 1st to July 31st) , or 12 months from the date of registration or up to their 18th birthday.

    How to apply

    Visit Ontario, ca/healthysmiles or visit your local Public Health Unit.

    If you have any questions f please call the ServiceOntario INFOline toll-free at:

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    Who may apply online

    To apply online you will have to:

    Enter your Social Insurance Number

    Sign and mail a completed Consent Form within 30 days of submitting an online Application.

    21. What can Healthy Smiles Ontario program offer?


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